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Erika Nielsen


Erika Nielsen

I want to tell you three stories.

The first story begins November 7 – 1993, when a little girl was born. She screamed and screamed from the moment her eyes saw daylight for the first time.

When she was five years old, she moved to Sweden. Where she grew up, went to school, created her values and where she continued to scream.

The second story is about her journey and turning eighteen. She finally had to make her own decisions and the journey of her life began. Tickets got booked and the trip began. Australia, United States, Asia and most of the European countries were visited. But she kept on screaming.

The third and last story is about the creation of social media and the power of it,

it’s about the little girl that was not so little anymore. She started studying journalism, setup a blog and finally she stopped screaming and started to express herself in the right way. With the power of social media she inspired, spread massages and created.


This little girls name is Erika Nielsen and she is me. It’s a great honor for me to be a part and blog for Curler. To inspire, spread, try new things, learn and create. And the best part is to do it together with all of you. I hope you want to join this crazy amazing journey with us and get to know Curler.


Let’s do this.


My most recent journey was to Costa Brava.

Costa Brava is the paradise two hours from the metropolis of Barcelona.


Costa Brava is the coast of northeastern Catalonia in Spain, from Blanes north of Barcelona up to the French border. Costa means coast, while brava can be translated to rocky or hilly.

I was there and experienced love at first sight.

Jumped from rocks down into a turquoise water, out for a boat trip and had lunch on the beach. Seafood at it’s best at the “Toc al Mar” restaurant located by the BEGUR station. Promise me that you will eat there if you ever visit.


After a wonderful lunch I relaxed on a cliff meditating and appreciated my existence in this beautiful place, then walked up on a cliff which had a view of the whole beach.


The traveler Tip:

– Reserve a table at the restaurant a few days before, otherwise it may be difficult to get a table.

– Arrive in good time to get a good spot at the beach. Although the area is not overcrowded, it may be nice to choose where to stay.

  • Have cash with you. If you want to do different water activities. Credit card is not accepted.

My three “must have” Costa Brava beauty tips:

– Sunscreen. It’s very important to protect the skin, specially on boat trips when the water reflects the sun and the tannin gets extremely heavy.

– Drink water it’s extremely important. Keep yourself hydrated your body and skin will thank you for it.

– Salt water is super good for your skin and hair and let’s face it, that natural beach look is something we all love.

I also felt for a classic but beachy outfit. Bright colors is always a safe card.

Thanks for listening!


See you again next week 😉



Send me your best Costa Brava photos. The winner who has the best picture will write a post about their Costa Brava experience and I will publish it on my blog.

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