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Q&A to Marie Tooth

Marie Tooth

Q&A to Marie Tooth

1- Name and social media:

A- Marie Tooth: @marie_tooth


2- Profession:

A- Painter


3- I keep in shape thanks to…

A- Deadlines


4- My best-kept beauty secret:

A- I’m allergic to sun, so sunbathing is out. I always use sun protection, even in winter. And yes, I drink litres and litres of water. So cliché, I know.


5- Latest discovery in Barcelona:

A- The Hotel Brummell


6- Give or receive massages?

A- Receive, of course.


7- At the weekends, I go for drinks at…

A- Betty Ford’s. Not too original, but I know I’ll find all my friends there.


8- My favorite place to escape in Barcelona is…

A- At the cinema


9- I love to treat myself at…

A- Lush


10- Social network that I can’t tear myself away from:

A- I’m pretty apathetic, but I try to keep up to date with Instagram, as it’s an important tool for my work


11- Last app I’ve downloaded:

A- I think the same one as everyone else: Kira Kira


12- Song that’s always playing in my head:

A- No Woman – Whitney


13- A book I recommend:

A- Right now I’m reading My View of the World by Erwin Schrodinger. Schrodinger proposes the idea that were are all One, a single consciousness in multiplicity. It’s more of a philosophical than scientific work.


14- An exhibition:

A- I found Warhol: Mechanical art at Caixaforum incredibly interesting and enriching. Or a bit of self-promotion: The Brave you, the collective exhibition in which I am participating, commissioned by TEDx and open to the public until December 3rd at Mazda Space.


15- To me, Curler is…

A- Convenience. I don’t have too many free moments during the day, but with Curler I can make the best of them and take care of myself.


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