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The 4 perfect Autumn hairstyles

Le salon Hair Autumn

The 4 perfect Autumn hairstyles

4 easy-to-create styles that are natural with a touch of retro.

Tomás Sierra, director of Le Salon Barcelona, explains, step by step, how you too can have the perfect autumn hairstyle.


To create a soft, relaxed, wavy look, first wash and condition your hair. Use Russian Amber Shampoo Conditioner, to regenerate and nourish your hair, as well as to get an overall better result.

While your hair is still wet, apply Volume Mousse Balmain, which will provide good support.

For the style, start by blow drying out with a wooden brush, which will bring you better shape and nice shine. By creating relaxed-root volume and styling the middle of the hair rather than the ends, you’ll get a much more natural, long-lasting result.

To finish off, apply Hair Spray, while giving some relaxed final touch-ups with the blow dryer.


For a broken wavy look, wash your hair with Shampoo, which will keep your hair from getting too heavy, and then light conditioning.

Apply Volume Mousse Balmain to give your style maximum support.

Blow dry with a round wooden brush, with vertical, front-to back strokes. When your hair is dry, run a wide curling tong in the same vertical, front-to-back strokes as before, and soon you’ll see rings on every lock of hair.

Let your hair rest for 10-15 minutes.

Loosen the rings and open up the waves, using your fingers to break them open. Finally, to add texture, apply some Salt Spray by David Mallet.


To create a romantic upsweep, gather your hair, lock by lock, without smoothing them out, to the nape of your neck, forming two loose braids on each side, gradually integrating them into the rest of your hair.

Be sure to leave some loose locks around the edges, which you can tuck behind your ears, and a few more locks near the nape of your neck.


To create a long style, with pure waves, wash and condition with Forever Shine by Phillipe B, to hydrate and give weight to your hair.

Let your hair air dry. Once dry, work directly with the curling tongs, forming a ring from each lock of hair. Once you have the first row of rings, make sure that the lower row goes in the opposite direction to the upper row, all the way to the nape of your neck. Apply Hair Spray and let your hair rest.

Next, take out the rings, and brush out your hair in all directions, using your hands and the brush to create the waves, with the strongest ones around the outline of your face.

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